Prusinowska Aleksandra

Aleksandra Prusinowska, Gdynia inhabitant, born in 1986 is presently a graduate of the Fine Arts Academy in Gdańsk.
The studies at the at painting department she commences in 2005, promptly after matriculation exams.
During this time she takes part in many exhibitions and competitions with successes quite often.
Nevertheless she is not trying to succeed immediately. She masters her works taking her time. She is hard working, responsible and very critical of her works.
Art studies and her independent work allow her to create in several painting and graphic techniques.
Her first works were decorative watercolors with thematic diversity. It is particularly visible in her book illustrations which surprise with creative imagination, evoking fairy-tale climate with highly personal traces. Freedom and imagination, present in her early works still characterize her works.
It is not easy to classify her art as a particular style or trend. She likes painting genre scenes with numerous people and animals or things among them, which makes us think that there is a very special climate and mystery in them. Just last oil paintings devotes to the subject of dreams mystery. She uses realistic means enriched by sophisticated colors and unrealistic composition. She likes big sized paintings which enable her to achieve a 3D effect, impossible to obtain in small pictures.
Her linocuts are surprisingly mature, at the level which is usually achieved after years of work. They often depict psychological portraits of people or sophisticated compositions of people and animals , bound in a mysterious way and in such way she tells stories about relations between people and environment in very poetry style.
Her imagination has made her latest works varied and intellectually interesting. Their artistic maturity is astonishing especially when we consider her young age and the fact that she is only beginning her artistic career. Taking into consideration her talent, determination and hard work, she is absolutely likely to join a group of successful artists soon.
In October 2010 she takes degree of Master of Arts in art room of prof. Maciej Świeszewski and linocut room of prof. Czesław Tumielewicz.

Awards and distinctions:
2010 – II award in the “Graphic of the Year” at the Fine Arts Academy Krakow
2010 – II award in the „Hestia Artistic Journey” competition
2010 – Distinction in the „Student Graphic of the Year” at the Fine Arts Academy Gdańsk
2009 – III award in the II L. Meidner National Graphics Competition
2008 – Winner of „Integralna 2008” competition with the award from the Rector of the Fine Arts Academy in Cracow
2008 – Diploma from the Mayor of City of Cracow

1999 – 1st award in the „Gdynia 2000” competition in Gdynia.

Prusinowska Aleksandra
linoryt / 50x60cm
filiżanki herbaty
Galeria Triada

Galeria Triada