Triada Art Gallery

Triada Art Gallery exists since 1990. The owner – Wieslawa Romanowska – is a Polish philologist and a theatre expert. Triada Gallery is the biggest and oldest private gallery of modern art in Trojmiasto (Tricity). More than 150 vernissages of recognised creators from Poland and from abroad and young graduates of the Art Academy ( it is for promoting young artists that the cycle of painting and sculpture exhibitions “Best Diploma” arose) have taken place here. The events gathering crowds of people in Triada are the cocktails accompanying Polish Film Festivals in Gdynia and Song Festivals in Sopot. Romanowska was an organiser of a number of events and actions, such as painting the famous monciak (Monte Cassino street, promenade in Sopot). In carnival time the Triada Gallery  organises art auctions on charity balls, from which the income is appropriated to social purposes. The gallery participates in foreign art fairs, also organises exhibitions in different European countries.

In 1999 a branch of Triada Gallery arose on the Gdansk Old Town.
The gallery’s artists: Wojciech Bielecki, Kiejstut Bereznicki, Henryk Czesnik, Waldemar J. Marszalek, Jacek Palucha, Mieczyslaw Olszewski, Andrzej Umiastowski, Rafal Kowalski, Hugon Lasecki, Aleksandra Radziszewska, Tomasz Setowski, Ewa Skaper, Marek Wrobel and many more.

In 2015  Triada celebrated  25th anniversary. In addition to exhibitions in the gallery, held a formal meeting in the Town Hall of the Gdansk Old Town. For artists, friends and clients of gallery. During the meeting held art auction to charity, showed special film about the history of galery  and founder of Triada received a medal of the Mayor of Gdansk for his contribution to culture.

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Galeria Triada

Galeria Triada