Bereźnicki Kiejstut

Kiejstut Bereźnicki was born in 1935, in Poznań. He studied Art at the State Higher School of Visual Arts in Gdańsk where he was awarded his diploma in the atelier of Professor Stanisław Teisseyre in 1958. Since 1960, he has worked for the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk. Since 1982, he has been running a diploma-granting painting atelier. Between 1981 and 1984, he served as Vicerector. He was awarded the title of Associate Professor in 1984, and the title of Professor in 1994. He is the author of the so-called ‘Sopot School.’

Kiejstut Bereźnicki received awards on numerous occasions. Here are examples:
– Piotr Potworowski Award in 1962.
– The Award of the Provincial National Council in Szczecin, Gdańsk 1965, Wrocław 1968.
– Stańczyk’s Decoration 1968.
– The Award of the Prorector of the State Higher School of Visual Arts in Gdańsk 1970, 1971, 1980.
– The Award of the Minister of Arts and Culture, 3rd Degree 1971, 2nd Degree 1977, 1st Degree   1985, 1st Degree 1991.
– The Award of the Governor of the Gdańsk Province 1979.
– The Award of the Gdańsk Society of Art Friends 1992.
– ‘Sopot’s Muse’ Award of the President of the City of Sopot 1993.
– The Gold Cross of Merit 1969.
– Merits to the Region of Gdańsk 1972.
– Knight’s Cross, Polonia Restituta 1985.

Bereźnicki’s works were the focus of numerous individual and group exhibitions both in Poland and abroad, including Germany, France, the UK, Brazil, Japan, Russia, Hungary, Macedonia, Greece, Spain, Portugal, and the USA.

These three oil paintings below are available in Triada.

1. “Martwa natura w szarościach i czerniach” 2010, size 60x80cm
2. “Szkła małe w kwadracie II” 2008, size 55x55cm
3. “Zuzanna i starcy”  2010/11, size 85x57cm

Martwa natura w szarościach i czerniach
Still kitchen nature
Szkła małe w kwadracie II
Martwa natura z białym nożem
Kobiety lustra IV
Martwa natura z cebulą
Zuzanna i starcy
Martwa natura krawiecka z dwoma odbiciami
Martwa natura krawiecka w szarościach
Zuzanna i starcy
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