Nowe prace Ewy Skaper, Ulyany Turchenko i Krzysztofa Iwina

Zapraszamy do galerii do obejrzenia nowych prac artystów galerii, między innymi miniatury Ewy Skaper, litografie Ulyany Turchenko i obrazy Krzysztofa Iwina.


Galeria Triada is 25 years old!

It was established in August 1990 as one of the first private galleries in Poland.


The planned exhibition in 2015

Here are the exhibitions and events in the Triada gallery planned for 2015:

September 12, 2015: 25th anniversary of the existence of the Triada Art gallery

4.09 – 17.09. 2015 – exhibition of paintings by Andrew Umiastowski.

18.09 – 10.01.2015 – an exhibition of artwork by Eve Kutylak.

2.10 – 16.10. 2015 – exhibition of paintings by Daniel Pielucha.


Alicja Słaboń-Urbaniak

Alice Słaboń-Urbaniak, Krakow great painter, exhibiting in our gallery 3 their new images. Visit us!



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